What types of refusal can there be?

Types of refusals
1.    An authority may refuse to process an FOIA request for access to official documents if:
•    A request for the same official documents was previously made by the current applicant; that any refusals of that request have been upheld by the High Court; and that there are no reasonable grounds for a repeat request.
•    The work involved in the processing of a request would “substantially and unreasonably” divert the authority from its other work. Before making such a determination, the designated officer must have tried to assist the applicant to complete a request that could be processed.
2.    If, having begun the exercise of processing, it becomes evident that all of the documents being requested are exempt, and it is confirmed that the applicant will not accept edited copies (from which exempt portions have been deleted) of the documents.

3.    Your request has also been refused if:
•    The authority decides to defer access to documents because the information requested is to be presented to Parliament or released to the media.
•    You do not receive a response to your application after thirty (30) calendar days from date it was received (stamped by the mail registry) by the authority for processing.
You are not obliged to provide reasons for requesting information.